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Personizaled Approach to Holistic Wellness

Health, beauty and wellness is our specialty. Whether your online and/or local, our general store in beautiful Winter Springs, FL is here for your general wellness needs. This small business sells local and name brand products such as Nature’s Sunshine, Mill Creek Botanical, Finchberry, JaxKelly, No TOX Life and many more top quality name brands.

We specialize in Single Herb Supplements and Combination Dietary Supplements to meet all of your General Wellness Needs. We also carry a great selection of Hand, Body and Hair care products to Enhance your Inner Beauty outside.

Here at Mister Holistic Apothecary, we understand how important some of our customers needs are. Whether you’re looking for Gluten-Free, Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free, pH Balanced, Cruelty-Free and/or Vegan friendly products, we provide it.

And Crystals of course. What Apothecary would be complete without Gemstones and crystals. We can help you Discover your birthstone and unlock your inner power. Looking? to Block negativity or grow spiritually, ask the question.

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Designed to be versatile

Whether your online and/or local, our specialty is Health, beauty and wellness for your general holistic needs. Quality name brand products such as Nature’s Sunshine supplements, Mill Creek Botanical beauty products, Finchberry artesian soaps, JaxKelly soy wax candles, No TOX Life household soaps and more.

Mister Holistic Apothecary is here for your Nature’s supplies for Health, Beauty and Wellness under one roof. Holistic alternatives and nutritional approaches founded by a ancestors, mastered by tradition, and accessable to all.

Family founded and oriented

We are a branded experience which has been born out of Mother Nature. Established in 2016, started online with a strong foundation surrounded by Wellness Specialist. With the help of Mentors and the right investors (family), Mister Holistic Apothecary opened it’s first Brick and Mortar location in beauiful Winter Springs, FL.

“It’s about a sense of balance when it comes to day to day life. This includes thinking, praying, eating, exercise, fun, love and stress! Always be grateful -daily- for who you are.”

Owner and Founder

Jamison Corpuz

Herbalist, Bio-energy Specialists and Health Coach

As founder of Mister Holistic Apothecary, Jamison’s goal is to share with communities all around the world the knowledge our ancesters taugh us. At a early age, he been around a extra special group of people from Shamans, Gurus and witch doctors. It wasn’t till a later age he knew not everyone was bless with teachers like he was.

With a backround in Web-Development, he started in 2016 and as the Author, began to publish and share some of the greats minds in the herbal and holistic community. Avaiable for appointments online or local in the Winter Springs area.