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The structural system—the skin, muscles, bones and connective tissues—protect your internal organs. This system allows you to move around and live an active lifestyle. Help keep your body strong with nutritional supplements that support bone health, such as those supplements containing calcium and magnesium.

Without your structural system, you’d be a really complex amoeba. And that’s kind of gross. Your muscles, bones and connective tissues give your body form, help protect your internal organs and allow you to move around and live an active lifestyle.

Healthy Aging

5-HTP Power


Bone Health

Bone/Skin Poultice (100 caps) (ko)



CA, Herbal ATC Conc. (50 caps) (ko)

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Calcium Liquid (16 fl oz.)



Calcium Plus Vitamin D (150 tabs) (ko)


Bone Health

Calcium-Magnesium, SynerPro (150 tabs)


Bone Health

Collatrim (180 caps) (ko)



Dandelion (100 caps) (ko)


Nature's Sunshine Products

Devil’s Claw (100 caps)