Good health begins at the cellular level, and an easy way to give your cellular health a boost is by taking cellular health supplements.

Enhance your cellular nutrition to help protect and strengthen cells with Nature’s Sunshine’s cellular supplements, including powerful, free-radical-scavenging antioxidants in both capsule and liquid form.

Our cellular supplements are rich in antioxidants to help neutralize free radicals that can negatively impact the cellular health of your body cells. Free radicals are a byproduct of energy production within the body but can also occur from exposure to UV light, radiation, pollution, and tobacco smoke. In addition to fighting free radicals, antioxidants work to combat the effects of harmful oxidation at the cellular level.

Along with antioxidants, some of our cellular supplements contain ingredients designed to support immune and cardiovascular health, support the nervous system, and promote energy.

A few tablespoons or tablets of our cellular nutrition supplements taken daily is all it takes to promote healthy cells; use each of our cellular health supplements as directed to achieve optimal results.

Click on each of our cellular health supplements below to learn more about the cellular nutrition they offer and how they can benefit your overall cellular health.

Cellular Energy (60 caps)

  • Aids in the production of ATP for energy.
  • Supports healthy cellular metabolism.
  • Supports a healthy biological terrain.
  • Provides glandular system support
  • Provides 250–330% of the Daily Value of thiamin, riboflavin and manganese.
  • 30 Day Supply | 60 Servings | 60 Capsules

Chlorophyll Liquid ES (16 oz.)

Our more concentrated, paraben-free formula supports the body’s natural blood-cleansing functions and strengthens the immune and intestinal systems.
From Nature’s Sunshine – Known to support your body on both a molecular and cellular level, chlorophyll promotes circulatory, intestinal, digestive and immune health.

Chlorophyll, Liquid (32 fl. oz.) (ko)



  • Digestive tract detoxifier
  • Supports detoxification
  • Upregulates Phase II enzymes
  • Fresh mint flavor

CoQ10 (100 mg) (60 softgel caps)

  • Vital for Cellular Energy and Cardiovascular Health
  • Helps Support Already-Normal-Range Blood Pressure Levels
  • Promotes Healthy Cardiovascular Function
  • Helps reduce oxidative stress in all cells throughout the body
  • Supports energy production
  • 30 Day Supply | 60 Servings | 60 Softgel Capsules

EverFlex® w/Hyaluronic Acid Joint Support (60 Tabs)

  • Supports the lubrication of joints.
  • Promotes joint flexibility and mobility.
  • Helps sustain protein structure and cellular function.

Flax Seed Oil Liquid (8 fl. oz.) (ko)

Flax seed oil is an excellent source of fatty acids, which support heart health and are vital to many body functions and processes.
A rich source of omega-3 essential fatty acid (EFA), alpha-linolenic acid, and contains linoleic acid (omega-6 EFA) in the correct proportions.

Flax Seed Oil w/Lignans (60 softgel caps)

Flax seed oil is an excellent source of heart-healthful fatty acids while lignans help boost immunity and support breast and prostate health. From Nature’s Sunshine – A rich vegetable source of omega-3 essential fatty acids. Flax seed oil is the richest (about 55%) known source of alpha linolenic acid (LNA) omega-3 oil. Cell Membrane health.

l-Glutamine (30 caps) (ko)

  • Helps supply the brain with energy.
  • Supports cellular growth, energy and repair.
  • Also supports the immune system and digestion.
  • Provides 500 mg l-glutamine per capsule.
  • 15 Day Supply |  15 Servings | 30 Capsules

Lymphatic Drainage (2 fl. oz.) (ko)

Lymphatic Drainage liquid helps remove cellular waste from the body. It aids the drainage of the lymphatic system which may help enhance immune function. Optimal drainage in the lymphatic system is one component of good health.

Super Antioxidant (60 caps)

  • Fights free radicals.
  • Prevents cellular damage.
  • Supports the liver.
  • Protects the nervous system.
  • Enhances immunity.
  • 30 Day Supply | 60 Servings | 60 Capsules

Super ORAC Antioxidant (90 caps)

A powerful antioxidant blend. If free radicals are not scavenged quickly, they can cause oxidative stress, which, over time, damages our cellular makeup including DNA.