Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil (15 ml)

Woody and Rich, Cedarwood emits a rich and refreshing aroma. Is known to warm the warm the heart and faciliate mental focus and concentration May help improve the appearance of healthy looking skin (combine with Hand & Body Lotion) Is often used in shampoos and lotions

Frankincense, Organic Essential Oil (15 ml)

Centering and elevating, Frankincense Essential Oil has a complex aroma that is famous for its comforting and mood-elevating abilities. Certified organic. Centering and comforting with mood-elevating aspects Useful in meditation and prayer Certified organic

Myrrh, Wild Essential Oil (15 ml)

Long associated with spirituality, Wild Myrrh Essential Oil promotes inner balance and a sense of well-being. Its warm, earthy scent is resilient and robust. Promotes feelings of balance and well-being. Diffuse in a room during meditation or prayer.

Sandalwood Essential Oil (5 ml)

As a powerful meditation and prayer aid, it helps the mind set aside mental chatter and create the right mood for worship.