Go natural! Skip the harsh chemicals and artificial dyes. Nature’s Sunshine offers a terrific selection of natural products for skin and hair care, plus toothpaste and household cleaning products.

Aloe Vera Gel (8 fl. oz.)

SKU: 099904016798
Healing juice for sunburns, scrapes, ulcers and more.

Aloe Vera Juice (32 fl. oz.) (ko)

SKU: 099904016804
5 Day Supply | 16 Servings | 32 fl. oz.
Aloe vera inner leaf juice concentrate and purified water.
  • Use internally for its soothing properties.
  • Provides nutritional benefits for the intestinal system.

Bug Spray

SKU: 818763020667
In the woods a lot or going to a backyard BBQ? Want to relax outside but there are too many

Carrier Oil (8 fl. oz.)

SKU: 10038410215
Use as a base for any of our essential oils for massage and other topical applications. Unscented, Non-greasy.

Clear Roll-On Bottle (0.5 fl. oz.)

SKU: 03950-2
Create your own unique aromatherapy products using our essential oil accessories. Roll-on application for your essential oils.(empty bottle)

Collagen (18 oz.) (30 Servings)

SKU: 099904223363
Nature’s Sunshine’s premium collagen peptides contain essential building blocks for beauty.

Essential Shield Multi-Purpose Concentrated Cleaner (16 Fl Oz)

SKU: 010219210518
  • Cleans a variety of surfaces effectively
  • Provides a refreshing, invigorating aroma
  • Contains no acids, parabens or synthetic fragrances or color
  • Is concentrated so a little goes a long way
  • 16 fl oz

Golden Salve (1 oz. jar)

SKU: 099904016989
Soothe and moisturize rough, dry or patchy hands, lips and skin with Golden Salve, featuring olive oil, beeswax, comfrey root, mullein leaves and a host of other beneficial natural ingredients. Antiseptic, healing salve. Use on any external tissue damage including burns, sores, scratches, cuticles, diaper rash, etc. Useful for hemorrhoids and as lubricant for the insertion tip for enema.

Horsetail (100 caps)

SKU: 099904003903
  • Supports the structural system, including the skin and connective tissue.
  • Provides nutritional support for the urinary and respiratory tracts.
  • Strengthens hair and nails.
  • Is rich in minerals, especially organic silica and selenium.
  • 16 Day Supply | 50 Servings | 100 Capsules

HSN Complex® (90)

SKU: 099904035058
Natria HSN Complex provides the nutrients essential for healthy hair, skin and nails. High in silica and other minerals needed for strong connective tissues such hair, skin and nails.

HSN-W® (100 Caps)

SKU: 099904009455
Our unique herbal formula HSN-W enhances skin tone and helps strengthens hair, skin and nails. From Nature’s Sunshine – Hair loss, split ends, dandruff, weak or brittle fingernails, bone fractures and various skin disorders.

Jojoba Oil (0.5 fl. oz.)

SKU: 10016951009
Clean and moisturize your scalp with Pure Jojoba Oil. It gives hair extra shine, body and protection against damage. Restores luster to dry or damaged hair. Protects hair against damage.